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Crystal Ball Psychic Reading

30 mins Crystal Ball Reading  £20.               

1 hour Crystal Ball Reading £30.
The Crystal Ball is the oldest and the original psychic reading. 

It has been used for thousands of years; the first shamans, priests, priestesses and fortune tellers would gaze into sacred springs or ponds.

Some used ice, which was later replaced by pieces of shiny rock crystal; in some parts of the world seers would paint their thumb nails with black ink and use them like a crystal ball.


During the Crystal Ball reading you will be asked to hold the Crystal Ball for a while, as you think, or pray or meditate about your life or any question you may have. 

Then when it feels right for you, and you're ready for the Reading I take the Crystal Ball from you and start to look into it.


A Crystal Ball Reading is a combination of a clairvoyant and psychic reading where I can see, feel and hear things; sometimes these are from the past, your present situation or the future, along with reading the vibrations and energies around you and your aura. 

This is a spiritual and reflective reading. 

Sometimes departed loved ones may make themselves known or pass on a comforting message (medium work.) 

Rune Stones Psychic Reading

30mins Runes Reading: £20.
1hr Runes Reading: £30.

Runes are the ancient alphabet of northern Europe and Scandinavia.

They are known as the Elder Futhark and was the everyday

language of ordinary people

well into the 12th century.

Each of the Runes is a letter with a symbolic meaning: 

Sun, Earth, horse, giant,  goose, tree, warrior or a mythical creature or a Nordic god or goddess.  

The Runes are used for practical advice, wisdom, answers to questions; they can sometimes even offer a challenge to the client who consults them!

The word "Rune" translates into modern English as "secret" or  "mystery." 

During a Rune Reading you will be asked to shuffle, mix up, select and even cast some Runes onto the floor or table where they will be Read. 

The Rune symbols are ancient, basic and work on an intuitive level where they can help unlock spiritual and psychic insights and help reconnect us with the the ancient world, moon, sun, stars and our own hidden selves.

Angel Psychic Reading

30 Mins Angel Psychic Reading £20
1hr Angel Psychic Reading £30

Across the ages angels have always acted as messengers of God and constantly help 

ordinary people like you and me.

From the moment we are conceived we are assigned an angel : our personal Guardian Angel who's sole purpose is to accompany us on our journey through this life into the afterlife.

We are under their care and we can choose to be receptive of their presence and build a working relationship with them or not.

Did you know In the Catholic and Orthodox Churches the Angels  are remembered in every act of worship and church service - the Angels are asked to gather around and join in the service - this happens during the "Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus" prayer and ringing of the Angelus bell at morning, noon and evening.

The Archangels even have their own Saints Days on the church calendar; these dates celebrate various times in history when the angels have appeared in a vision or have granted a miracle. 


There is even a  special day on the Church calendar for the Guardian Angels, and everyone celebrates their Guardian Angel on that day.


An Angel Psychic Reading is not a "fortune telling" or prediction type of Reading. 

It is a spiritual guidance session which will look at how you got to where you are now, what lessons you have learnt or need to learn, what do you need to focus on now and how you can move forwards in a positive way; being helped with the prayers and guidance of your own personal Guardian Angel.


This is a gentle spiritual Reading which is ideal for spending time with yourself and your angel as you reflect upon a problem, question or if you just want to "touch base" with your angel.


Remember you are never alone! 

Angels walk with you!