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FREE Prayer Candles:

Candles are burnt as a symbol of prayer and sacrifice.

To  ''light a candle for someone" means that it is your intentions to remember in a special way a loved one in need of prayer.


The candle is a symbol of sacrifice as it gradually burns itself out and becomes spent in the service of prayer and devotion.


Sometimes we have so much going on in our hearts, minds, souls and lives that we don't know where to begin; but the very simple and powerful act of lighting a candle can help express and release what we are burdened with. 


The candle is a symbol of hope, peace, faith and light during the darkest moments.


If you would like a candle to be lit and placed upon my home altar for yourself, a special need, intention, or for a loved one known to you, or in loving memory of a departed loved one, contact me through this website.


In complete confidentiality I will say your prayer and offer a candle for you. 

These free candles are small and burn for a few hours, however when the candle has burnt out our prayers are still being heard.


All requests for candle prayers are treated with complete confidentiality.

If you feel moved Spirit and would like to make an offering towards the cost of the candles please use the button below. May you be rewarded for your kindness!