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Frequently Asked Questions:


Question: What is a Psychic Reading?

 A psychic reading provides you with the chance to find out information that may be hidden below the surface. Psychic readings have been described as a specific attempt to discern/find out information using clairvoyance and intuition. The phrase “Psychic Reading” is a consultation between a client and a Psychic Reader where a fee is charged and the Psychic Reader using their psychic and clairvoyant gifts tries to connect with the client and offer insight and objective guidance. A Psychic Reader can Read for a client in person, over the telephone, through email, the post or through skype/video calling.


A Psychic Reading isn't a fix-all, mend-all solution to find out every detail and aspect of your life. A Psychic Reading is a tool to give you a more in-depth insight to one's personal power and personal choices. You must see the future as having options. It's like a road map, it can show options, strongest paths, it can offer confirmations of things you already know or remove doubt from a questionable situation. It can give you a sense of direction or security. But in no way should be used to direct your life completely.

Question: When do I need a Psychic Reading?
Answer: A psychic reading can help you determine some of what may happen in the future. It can help you face a decision or choice. Or help you when you reach a point that there is a need to see the potential outcome. It can confirm when you need to seek closure or give you guidance in often very difficult situations.


Question: What kind of Psychic Reading do I need?

There are many different types of psychic readings, anything that predicts the future for example or picks up the past without the client giving out information or signs is considered “psychic”.


Many psychics do not use any tools and will often pick up details through the presence of others or through energy vibrations, many psychic readers in fact work through images seen in the mind’s eye. For example, they might see a dark red rose symbolising beauty or a red, ruby ring which perhaps belonged to a Grandmother, the psychic will often announce what they have seen to the client and then extend on the meaning behind the image. Common psychic readings include:


  • Tarot CardsA special deck of cards containing ancient mystical and powerful symbolic images: for example: Love, Hope, Strength, Patience, Change and Destiny. These powerful symbolic images help the Psychic Reader connect and unlock messages for the client and help them offer insights, guidance and answers to problems and situations in the client’s life. Some Tarot Card decks have the traditional 78 cards. But there are other Tarot Cards decks that have 97, 40 and 22 cards in the deck.

  • Playing Cards – Yes! Playing Cards can be used for Psychic Readings – did you know that Playing Cards grew out of the Tarot Card Deck? This is because there once was a time when it was illegal in some countries to own Tarot Cards – and Playing Cards were used instead of the Tarot. Even today if you go to Spain, Mexico or other Spanish speaking countries they have a very strong tradition of Reading Playing Cards – they are known as La Baraja Espanola. In parts of France, French Gypsies only use 32 playing cards: King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7 and Ace of each suit for Readings. But in England the Romany Gypsy tradition is to use a full 52 card deck.

  • Palm readings - commonly called Palmistry is where the reader reads the lines on the palm, including head, heart and life lines along with other lines, markings, and the hand size and shape.

  • Face Readings – like Palmistry – but the Reader Reads the shape, size and markings of lines, moles, ears, nose, eyes, lips and symbols on a person’s face.

  • Rune Stone Readings- Runes are the ancient Viking alphabet. The Runes have symbolic and mystical connections with the sun, the moon, nature, fire, symbolic animals, earth, elements and the stars. Runes are an ancient alphabet used for divining the future. Many psychic readers will keep their runes in a little pouch or silk bag. The runes are then cast onto a mat or white cloth to discern future events or solve a problem. Runes are also considered magical and they can be used to write good affirmations – this is known as “Bind Runes”.

  • Psychometry – This is where the Psychic Reader holds a piece of jewellery or an object belonging to the client to help them connect with their energies. Psychometry can also be used to make a connection with a departed/dead loved one. The Psychic Reader holds an object or piece of jewellery that belonged to the deceased person and they can connect with them.

  • Aura readings – Where the reader is able to pick up and detect energies and influences surrounding the client.

  • Astrology readings – where the reader will read the personality of the client from the position of the stars and planets at the exact time the client was born. Predictions can be made using stars and planetary positions, (known as Transits) and in Vedic/Hindu Astrology Vimshittori Dasas and Bhukti Dasas (known as Great Ages and Little Ages) can be calculated for time periods and these have influence on a person’s life.

  • Numerology – which is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. The client will give their date of birth, letters in their names including their full name and the reader is able to predict certain life paths, personality details and also relationship cycles and compatabilities.

On the whole going for a psychic reading is an exciting journey of self discovery; many people who take an interest in spiritual and holistic matters like to try out all sorts of different things which often leads them to their own unique path in life. 

Psychic readings are not just there to help you gain clarity on your own personal issues but are also a stepping stone into your future. 

Just like we exercise our bodies and our minds it is also important to exercise our souls and our spirituality and remember that psychic readings do not predict lottery numbers or frighten you with false details or information, they are there to help you tap into your own abilities and help you with burning questions.


Question: How do I know if I picked the right Reader for me?

Answer: After researching and choosing the psychic which you feel has the strongest qualifications for your needs. You then have to determine how comfortable did you feel with the reader and the information given. Did it make you feel empowered? Did you get a better understanding of the events occurring around you? Was most of it reasonable and believable? Was the reader easy to talk to and did you feel you trusted this person? If you answered yes to most of the questions you have probably found a good reader. Sometimes some readings will contain information that seems a little hard to believe. Don't automatically assume it is wrong. You may be judging the outcome on present circumstances. Understand you are seeking a reading to be informed, if you are not willing to at least listen and accept the predictions as possibility, then there isn't much use in the reading in the first place. If an event has already occurred and a reader quotes wrong information you may then debate it, but when information pertains to the future always keep an open-mind. 

Question: How do I know if I received an accurate psychic reading?

Answer: After researching and going to the professional psychic which you feel has the strongest qualifications for your needs. Then it is more of just wait and see, only time will tell this. If you can confirm most information given was accurate about the past, then there is no reason to doubt it won't be accurate for the future.

Question: What are my responsibilities as a client?

Answer: You may not realize that there are responsibilities required from you to receive a psychic reading but indeed there is. You must be committed to be willing and open-minded. Be prepared to use your own judgment to discern what feels right. In a reading you will receive a lot of information; take what feels good and feels right and rethink what doesn't. Don't feel forced to accept information that didn't ring true. Readings are done by interpretation and most information is interpreted correctly and accurately, however no one is perfect.

Question: How often should I receive a psychic reading?
Answer: If you receive a reading you will have an overall prediction and some points of predictions. You can get another reading as things change or new choices arise. Asking the same question day after day does not assist you because it doesn't give time for anything new to happen. 

Neither does repeat readings offer much new information. If you are given information that things will change in 4 weeks chances are next week that same prediction will stand. 

Be honest with yourself and ask: Do you truly need another psychic reading?

Or you are simply having another Psychic Reading because you feel lonely, depressed, insecure, or are in a state of panic; or are you looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear?

If this is the case then I have a list of helpful telephone numbers for various charities and organisations who can offer you practical advice and emotional support. I am happy to email or post this list to you.