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Psychic Tarot Readings
& Palmistry

30 Min Psychic Tarot Reading £20.
1hr Psychic Tarot Reading £30

Tarot Cards are a special deck of playing cards that nobody knows who invented them or where they originally came from.

What we do know is that about 500 years ago people in Italy were using Tarot Cards to play a gambling game called "Trionfi" which translates as "Trumps"  in old English and "Triumphs" into modern English. 


In the cafes of Italy, France, Poland and Eastern Europe people still play the Tarot gambling game; In Italy it's called "Tarrochi" in France "Le Jeu de Tarot" and in Eastern Europe its "Tarock."  


Some Italian Tarot decks have 40, 78 and 97 cards in them. Different towns have different decks and game rules too.


For the last few hundred years the 78 card deck has become the standard Tarot Card deck.  We don't know exactly when Tarot was  first used for divination, fortune telling or giving spiritual guidance but it has become a very powerful and useful tool that has helped people through the centuries.


There is a lot of fear and even superstition around the tarot - don't worry, there's nothing scary about them, let me explain some more for you. The Tarot has 4 suits: Swords (Spades) Coins (Diamonds) Cups (Hearts) and Wands (Clubs) plus numbered cards: 1 (the Ace) through to 10; plus 4 Kings, Queens, Knights and Jacks plus 22 extra  powerful and mysterious cards called the Major Arcana. 

The Tarot Deck is full of ancient symbols. Some of these images can be found in ancient church paintings and depict the virtues: faith, hope, charity, prudence, fortitude, temperance plus temptation, martyrdom, heaven, hell, the pope, the Eucharistic Chalice, Angels, Judgement Day, the Tower of Babel,  a Monk, and other catholic religious and mystical symbols which were typical of Italy and Europe at that point in history.


It is through working and meditating upon these symbols and the spiritual ideals they express that the Tarot can help the Tarot Reader access the deepest part of their being  to deepen their intuition and psychic gifts. 


When I work with the Tarot there comes a point in the Reading when I'm not Reading the cards - I am Reading, seeing, hearing and feeling what is not contained in the Cards but working in a clairvoyant or psychic way - what I see and say  cannot be found in any Tarot book.


30min Palm Reading £20.                   1hr Palm Reading £30.


30mins Palm Reading: £20.

1hr Palm Reading: £30.


Palmistry has been around for at least 5000 years and has been practised by ancient Hindu priests, ancient Greeks and Romans down to the present day. During the centuries Palmistry has grown, changed, evolved and blended with various traditions. 

In a Palm Reading your whole hands will be Read: the shape of the hands, fingers, nails, prints, and then the lines and bumps on the hands. A Palm Reading is a combination of a personality analysis which can highlight your potential, areas for growth, things that you may find challenging along with being able to chart events from your past, your present to the last few months and your future.


Remember as you grow and change so do the lines on your hands. 


A Palm Reading can focus on a specific area:


  • Romance, love and marriage?
  • Family and children?
  • Your vocation potential and career path?
  • Business success, luck and wealth?
  • Relocation, house moves and travels?
  • Destiny, fate, luck and surprises?
  • Maybe you have no question and just want to know where your life is heading for the next year or 2 or 5 or 10 years from now!
  • Maybe you would like a Palmistry Whole Life Reading?

 You have the key to your potential and future path in your hands!


A Palm Reading is  so unique because only you have your hands!