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Terms of Service & Legal Stuff:

By scheduling and/or paying for any service offered through Christopher Hill you are attesting that you have read this legal disclaimer and these terms of service. Further, you agree that you understand and willingly enter into, agree with and accept the following:



(1) You are 18 years of age or older. I do not Read for minors.


(2) Under British Law I have to advise you that due to the difference of opinions regarding psychic abilities that all types of psychic readings, horoscopes, tarot card and palmistry Readings provided by me Christopher Hill and my website is solely for entertainment purposes only.


(3) Any information and communication with Christopher Hill and this website:  is for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only.


(4) No service provided by Christopher Hill and his website is intended to, nor should it ever take the place of professional services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological services.


(5) Christopher Hill and the services provided by this website accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions any client chooses to take or make based on his/her consultation with Christopher Hill.


(6) You agree to absolutely indemnify and hold harmless Christopher Hill and this website


(7) Booking and Payment Policies: Telephone and Skype Readings are scheduled and paid for straight away to ensure the booking is secured. If the Reading is not paid for straight away when you agree the date or time your appointment is not secure and becomes available once more for another client to book.


(8) Cancellation: If you cancel your appointment you need to call me as soon as possible on 07821402312 (you can leave a message if I am unavailable/with a client) to let me know; then send an email to  requesting your cancellation as soon as possible. For appointments cancelled more than 48 hours before the booking, you will be offered an alternative appointment. Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours require full payment, if the booking has previously been paid for you will lose this fee. The cancellation will be from the date and time I have received your cancellation in email and not the phone call/voicemail.


(9) If you fail to cancel your appointment: If you do not cancel your appointment and do not turn up (as in a “no show” or missed appointment) Christopher will not accept a booking from you until you have paid the outstanding fee (if any fee is due  an invoice will be sent to you) plus the new appointment fee in advance.


(10) You have had the chance and taken the time to ask any and all questions you like; you fully understand and of your own free will, choose to enter into this legal and binding disclaimer and terms of service agreement.